Christmas Goose

 — Christmas goose —

Our geese are traditionally reared on our farm in Somerset, they graze grass and clover paddocks throughout the day and are fed whole wheat in straw layered barns by night, just as they have been for the past 33 years.


Oven ready goose

size guide

Small - 3.5-4.5kg(8-10lb) serves 4-6

Medium - 4.5-5.5kg(10-12lb) serves 6-8

Large - 5.5-6.5kg(12-14lb) serves 8-10


Goose crowns, breast & thigh portions, goose & plum sausages, smoked goose breast, goose fat and three bird roasts also available.

Our collection days this year are Monday 23rd December 9.00 am - 6.00 pm and Tuesday 24th December 9.00 am - 12.00 pm. Our courier delivery date will be Monday 23rd December at a cost of £20.00 UK mainland.

To order your goose just call or message and tell us how many people you would like to feed and we can reserve the perfect goose for you.